If You Believe In Finest Quality Furniture For Your Felines

cat-treeIf you love cats and have one, you probably have found out that they need a cat tree so badly just as much as you do. The cat tree is supposed to save your furniture from them, that is, from scratching, swatting and taking naps on them leaving you out of furniture space.

Why Do You Need A Cat Tree?

The cat tree is also supposed to be built keeping in mind the scratching nature of cats and if you don’t have one, you might end up destroying your precious table, sofa and curtains. This is also a favorite pass time for your cat and even more than one cat and a big enough cat tree is supposed to serve all of them.

• It is for the purpose of clawing at the most frequent activity and you would not want to ruin all the rugs and items in your house because of your love for cats.

How To Look For A Cat Tree?

The aim is simply to look for quality that lasts and it is very easy to get stumbled upon a cat tree furniture that is mediocre in all sense. This also applies to rugs and carpets that are made for clawing. OSB wood is a construction grade material that is heavier and less tippy for a cat tree. It is durable and ready for constant use for years compared to particleboard.

• There is heavy duty sisal which stays attached despite attacks and stapled carpets that remain firm to clawing.

How To Safeguard A Cat Tree?

The visible areas are often lined with scratch resistant and stain resistant carpets that are perfectly stapled to the furniture wood to save the wood. It is also lined with the Sherpas in some places for better quality build. The sisal is a useful lining made of jute or some other material. An 8mm thickness is usually considered ideal for a long lasting cat tree.

Extra Care

A cat tree requires extra care for a fine build like the under surface of the stands and the base, which must be lined with carpets. The sisal must be securely attached to the scratch post, which is the most important and stable part of a cat tree house because this is where they would be sharpening their claws every day.

Thus, finding some good cat trees is not difficult if you do a little bit of research for your cat.